International Projects


International Projects cover a broad range of activities aimed at supporting disadvantaged communities and vunerable people across our world.


The Club are working with House of Joy on several projects in their ?? in Uganda.


The Club have initiated a Global Grant Project to provide solar panels and associated equipment to improve facilities for water supplies.  To achieve this we are working with Kampala Rotary Club and have matching project teams.


In addition, we are sponsoring 5 children attending a school in Uganda.


Knysna is a town on the coast of Eastern Cape Province in South Africa.  The town is surrounded by extensive shanty development with minimal public services, i.e. no water, no electricity, weak sewage etc.  There are no educational facilities in these areas.

The Llanishen Rotary Club is developing an active relationship with the RC of Knysna.  We hope to deliver much needed basic services to a very impoverished and deprived community. The first two projects in a programme which will continue, will help in meeting educational and health needs. There is active participation by Rotarians in Knysna as well as our own fund-raising efforts.providing ongoing support for:


Happy Faces School.

A project to build and equip a school. Our proposal is to equip one classroom with furnishing and educational equipment. It is our plan to develop and ongoing relationship with the Knysna Club which has already been visited by our International Chair, Iain Manson.

Knysna Hospice.

Health facilities in the Knysna area are rudimentary. A charitable organisation provides palliative care, free of charge, for terminally ill in a Hospice located in Knysna town. This provides a service to an area of 1175 square kilometers.  Knysna Rotary Club has an existing relationship with the Hospice and has provided support with vehicles and volunteer assistance. The Knysna Club wish to support training of an additional nurse in palliative care. Llanishen Club have already assisted the Hospice with some, low-cost medical text-books in pdf form. We wish now to support for training the additional nurse with funding for approximately half the cost.

Rotary Shoebox Scheme

As part of an RIBI International Project, Rotary Clubsare able to purchase the special boxes which arrive flat packed.  These are  distributed to members, friends businesses, etc. to be filled with items for one of  a number of specific catagories (small children, teenagers or household goods) and returned for for transportation to help families in Central and Eastern Europe.

Last year over 100 shoeboxes were donated by members, friends and staff at Morrisons, Llanishen. It is intended that this should be an on-going scheme and plans are in place to extend it to local schools and businesses.


The Club havesupported the Shelterbox charity for many years.


The club has directly sponsored several boxes and successfully obtained sponsorship from local schools by going in and doing demonstartions and presentations.


This will be continued year on year.