At the recent handover our incoming President, Geoff Holloway, had the pleasure of  welcoming 2 "new" full members to the Club, Geaeme Page and Ed Morgan.

Graeme and Ed are not that new to the club as they been part of the Club and active Associate Members for some time.

RYLA 2019

Rotary Youth Leadership Award 2019 is about to commence at the start of August and will extend over three great weeks.

This year the Club are sponsoring a total of 9 participants

RYLA challenges young people physically, emotionally and in terms of courage and social skills, at the same time as giving them an opportunity to test themselves as leaders in unfamiliar situations. 


Club Members look forward to the this year's contingent giving a presentation on their experiences in September.

Planters at Llanishen Station and in the Village

Many will have noticed the attractive flower displays in planters throughout Llanishen Village and at the Railway Station.

The planters in the Village are as a result of a long term arrangement between the Rotary Club and Cardiff Council. 


During the period of hot weather in the Summer months, considerable efforts to water them regularly by a number of businesses and a rota of Club members  keep them healthy and attractive.

Similarly, the planters on the station were placed in conjunction with Transport for Wales and their care has been shared with Christ the King Catholic Primary School. 

The pupils were excited to  learn about the  work that station adopters are doing for their communities. The children were given a talk by Rotarian Tony Fundell about what his work involves, before putting what they had learnt into action as they tidied up any litter and planted flowers in the station gardens.

Tony Fundell, and his team have been station adopters at Llanishen for more than two years and it’s a great way to keep busy and make friends; plus, we love seeing the positive feedback we get from customers passing through the station as a result of our hard work. To think that we are now able to share our work with the local schools in our community is a real joy, and the students really enjoyed helping out.”


Sue Miles, School Teacher from Christ the King Catholic Primary School, said: ‘Our class have had a fantastic time learning about what it means to be a Station Adopter with Tony and his team from Llanishen Rotary Club. It was a great opportunity for the students to get out of the classroom and learn about something that is truly beneficial to their local community. I would like to thank the entire group of volunteers at Llanishen for being such great role models, and hope that it has inspired some of our pupils to consider volunteering for the scheme in years to come.’

During the school holidays a rota of club members maintains the watering regime.

Roath Park Lake Wishing Well

It caused some consternation when the wishing well was vandalised, causing extensive damage to the brickwork and capping ring.

Thanks to the generous donation of staff time and materials by Taylor Wimpy the Well has now been restored  and is no longer an eyesore. 


It is again raising funds for a wide range of Rotary Charities and Projects.

Whilst acknowledging Taylor Wimpy we also recognise the efforts of Gwyn Husband PHF who was instrumental in making these arrangements.  Sadly Gwyn passed away before the repairs were completed so it has been decided to dedicate the restored Wishing Well to his memory.


This month the Club is very pleased to have supported two very special annual  events.

Firstly the the Riverbank Special School day out at Cefn Mably Farm n the 2nd July and then the Mencap Gateway Youth Club Cruise around the Bay on 24th July.